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Last in a family of six, hails from Nkerira in Utugwang, Obudu L.G.A., Cross River State, a drummer who started learning music production in 2009 by himself and has so far achieved this great. He was born on the 8th of June, 199? hmm.
One of Cross River State’s Leading Artiste and Producer BENKLETUS has
been holding it down real good at his hood and making them proud at
every level. He’s got a Unique blend of kicks which puts him at the top
of production as well as a great voice to crown it all. He is very creative with music production/recording of all kinds.
Benkletus - Koko Below [Video]

He has appeared in notable events like:
  • The Calabar Christmas Carnival,
  • Campaign Hype in Onikan, Lagos,
  • Anambra Road Block,
  • Enugu Carnival, etc.
His works are toasted by DJs and Radio Stations across the country. He is swift, can manage work load effectively and efficiently. He has so many friends, love meeting people, travelling, sports and listening to music. He has no lady in his life, according to him: "It's not yet time for me to get married, when am ready, I'd start my search." that means, until he is ready to get married before he can have a lady in his life....damn!
He has produced/recorded so many songs for people and himself but has not released an album yet. He currently resides in Calabar/Lagos, Nigeria.

Below as songs he has produced and posted online for you:
Koko Below
How much I love you

You can contact him on Twitter @benkletus on Facebook @benkletusagain on BBM with BBPIN: 7F444948 on Instagram @benkletus